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15 March 2016 by 233819 comments News 513131 Views
Over the last few months our learning curve has been very steep. Looking down makes me almost dizzy. It's good to know that we have had good guides along on this climb. Jan and Larry have been there every step of the way, helping us in many, many ways. With everything going on, we somehow managed to update the Fraga Web presence. We owe this particular bit of progress to two people:
Kelly Pennington is the photographer that can make a field of clover look like Eden. There are many more gorgeous cheese shots that we are adding later. We're checking with the legal department as there may have to be a disclaimer "Viewing of these images in a hungry state may cause uncontrollable cravings for cheese". Thank you Kelly! Andy Lunday has been a tireless and cheerful adviser to the Squarespace process. He makes it look so easy and keeps on it even when all I can hear around me is the sound of balls dropping. Thank you Andy!
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