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Our kidding season has begun. So far there are nine little ones. By the time the last doe has kidded in May we will have fifty or so little kids. If you have never seen goat kids at play you should absolutely come and visit this spring. Watching kids climb, jump, scamper, mock fight or nap in a pile (we call them kid puddles) lifts winter blues instantly.


Does anybody know if the word kid was used first for a young human or a young goat? I don't know, but I can see why they are called the same thing! They are absolutely joyful, playful little things. The mothers remind me of human mothers too- attentive, at times hovering, occasionally harried, but infinitely patient. Already the first two sets of twins are using their mother as a play structure--jumping, sliding and climbing all over her and trying to stay on top when mom gets up. Each year a  few kids master that skill and can be seen riding high around the barnyard.

Are you looking to add goats to your life?  As things go we end up with half girls who can become part of the milking herd and  half boys. As a dairy we don't really need all those little boys and are looking to find homes for them. 

While goat bucks are rather odiferous, wethers (castrated males) are not. They don't stink, don't fight  and retain their friendly playful nature into adulthood. Many people agree that wethers make wonderful pets.

We are placing little wether bottle babies as pet, pack, or brush goat. When raised as bottle babies, they imprint on you and will follow you anywhere. We charge a $25 fee for each baby and supply you with a bucket of milk to transition them to formula. Today the first two little guys left for their new home where they will join a small group of wethers as pack goats in training. 

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