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Fraga Farm is an Organic farmstead goat dairy in northern Oregon, outside Portland. We produce a full range of certified Organic goat cheese- from fresh milk chèvre to hard aged raw milk cheeses. Our goat herd enjoys all the leaves and brambles that the Oregon countryside has to offer. The rich milk that our goats provide is processed on site in our licensed Grade A Dairy. We strive to produce the best product  while adhering to our sustainable values. Our family farm invites you to taste the difference that happy goats on good pasture can make. 



As fall is cooling down and the goats are happily munching on the bounty from the apple trees, we start to look ahead to Christmas here at Fraga Farms.  Did you know that our farm used to be a Christmas tree farm?

We have many acres of beautiful organic Noble Fir, and since they have been left to grow freeform they provide us with the most beautiful boughs that we turn into the nicest wreaths you've ever seen.  We only use natural materials and have an abundance of lichen covered branches, rose hips, and pine cones for festive northwest forest accents. We wait to cut the branches until after the first frost in October, during which the needles will set, so that they are incredibly fresh and long lasting. On your front door they will easily last until next year.  And they are certified organic!

You may ask, "Why would I want an organic wreath. I'm not planning on eating it?" We believe that the principles of organic farming have benefits reaching much farther than just our food.  Conventional Christmas tree farms rely on vast quantities of chemicals and fertilizers that degrade the soil and pollute the earth.  By supporting your local organic farmer, you're helping to ensure sustainable practices that keep the soil happy - which produce happy plants and happy animals as a result!

Winter at Fraga Farms

Winter at Fraga Farms


Starting as early as November, our organic Noble Fir wreaths will be available for purchase at the farmers market in Hillsdale on Sunday.  Each wreath is hand made by us from boughs freshly cut on our farm. They  come in two different sizes, $20 for a medium and $25 for a large wreath. You can also place an order with us online by using our contact form and come to the farm to pick them up. 


But our wreaths aren't only to be hung over the mantle!  They are a perfect festive item for fundraisers for your local youth, school, or church group.  Get in touch with us to place your wholesale order (50 + wreathes) today. 


Packaging Swags

Packaging Swags


For the last few years we have been doing an event in Portland where we get together with a group of people and in just a few hours make a hundred or more beautiful holiday arrangements for disabled and homebound seniors. All it takes is a few crafty people (kids are great at this), some ribbons and ornaments, and a space to assemble it all. We will happily provide you with the instructions and a truck load of boughs to get you going. It is alot of fun and a great opportunity to get children involved in the giving spirit of the holidays. There are many nursing homes in the Portland area that would welcome these gifts!

Contact us and we can fill you in on details. The boughs and our advice are free for the asking!

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