Farmstead Creamery

Fraga Farm is an Organic farmstead goat dairy in northern Oregon, outside Portland. We produce a full range of certified Organic goat cheese- from fresh milk chèvre to hard aged raw milk cheeses. Our goat herd enjoys all the leaves and brambles that the Oregon countryside has to offer. The rich milk that our goats provide is processed on site in our licensed Grade A Dairy. We strive to produce the best product  while adhering to our sustainable values. Our family farm invites you to taste the difference that happy goats on good pasture can make. 

The milking Goats

Our herd of milking goats consists of Alpines and Nubians. All our hard working ladies have access to pasture year round and enjoy lounging in our barn or playing on their balance beam. During the spring kidding season, the herd increases to almost a hundred goats. We milk twice daily with our inline milk system. The milk is processed into cheese within 48 hours.  

the goat kids

Every spring we are overjoyed to welcome little goat kids into the world. We keep the majority of our new girls and find pet homes for the boys. Goats are the perfect pets to help you with your noxious weed problem - blackberries, poison oak, you name it! Contact us about meeting your future backyard buckling! We will castrate & disbud (remove horns) as requested!

Fraga Farmstead Creamery