Our Cheese

Our Cheese

Oregon Cheese Guild

Certified organic fresh and aged goat cheese. Raw milk and pasteurized varieties ,including a blue ribbon national award for their aged raw feta.

We make a full range of goat cheese - from the traditional creamy Chevre to aged raw milk cheese reminiscent of a mature cheddar. All of our ingredients are certified organic, as is our processing facility. Cheese making is an amazing feat of alchemy - there is the milk, the culture, a pinch of salt and rennet (always plant based) and an almost infinite variety of cheeses can ensue - given patience and carefully monitored processes. We invite you to visit us at the farm or at the market and taste your way through our cheeses!


A natural rind raw milk cheese aged for several months. Complex flavor that melts in your mouth. Hard enough to grate, it can be a stand-in for parmesan. Soft enough to slice, it is reminiscent of an aged cheddar. Great on a cheese plate, we like it with a slice of pear or apple.


Crumbly yet smooth, this raw milk cheese is aged in brine for several months. This cheese was awarded the first prize in the American Cheese Society competition in 2006 - Fraga's first entry. Wonderful on salads or on pizza, this cheese has a devoted following.


The name says it all - a goat mozarella perfect for slicing, snacking and melting. The only goat cheese we know that melts into stringy gooey goodness.


We started making this bloomy rind cheese in the fall of 2012, and it has become a great hit. The rind is delicate and reveals a creamy smooth cheese that ripens from the outside in. While the center stays firm, the outer edges turn creamy and glossy. A piece of Foster Lake and a chunk of sourdough bread have made us happy many times.


Farmhouse cheese is defined as a cheese produced on farm by traditional means using milk from the farm's lifestock. Our farmhouse is a pressed curd cheese that is slightly crumbly and mild but with flavor that stands up to pairing with fruit. We like to crumble it over roasted veggies or add it to egg dishes.


Our Farmhouse cheese is blended with certified organic chipotle peppers before being pressed. This cheese has more smoky flavor then heat. Great added to roasted veggies, egg dishes, quesadilla - you name it.


Chevre is what most people think of as "goat cheese". Our original Chevre is very creamy, smooth and almost fluffy with light acidity. We bake with it, we cook with it, we use it anywhere cream cheese is called for. It can go sweet or savory, with fruit in a desert or enliven pasta dishes. We love serving it with raspberries in the summer or in an omelet with chanterelles in the fall. Much lower in fat than cream cheese and higher in protein to boot. It has a favorable nutritional profile while tasting decadently rich and creamy.