Ingredient spot light- Meadow Foam oil- a good thing in more ways than one!

Ingredient spot light- Meadow Foam oil- a good thing in more ways than one!

When we set out to create our Goat's milk lip balm we knew we wanted to use local, sustainable ingredients to pair with out goat;s milk.

As is often the case- when a good thing is a good thing it's good in more ways than one!

Meadow foam oil is grown just down the road from our farm. Last year we saw a whole field of it like a field covered in a drift of snow with a cloud of pollinators hovering above along Highway 6.

It is an almost perfect oil for skincare - it's super long chain unsaturated fatty acids mimic our own skin's sebum. It creates an effective barrier lockin in moisture while also giving skin a soft velvety feel. Perfect for a lip balm. 

A good thing two ways- Meadow foam oil is popping up in top shelf skin care products everywhere because it works so well!

We love the fact that it is also a wonderful cover crop that creates early season food for bees and helps farmers improve their soil! Next time you go out for a drive in the Willamette Valley in early spring keep an eye out for gorgeous white fields of flowers. Almost all of the worlds production is right here in the Willamette Valley! 


We are so happy to hear how much you all love the balm and how good it makes your lips feel! Keep the comments coming- they make us very happy! 

Our Goat's Milk and Honey balm is probably everyone's favorite so far.  Click here to purchase your own Goat's Milk Lip Balm - Milk & Honey and find a good thing! 

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