Our Ingredients

We think it’s time to start thinking about our body products like we think about our food. What are the ingredients and where do they come from? How might they affect my body? Who’s making the soap? What’s the environmental impact?

We found that with most commercial body products on the market, we either didn’t know or didn’t like the answers to these questions. So, we decided to create our own. Fraga Farm is proud to introduce our line of all-natural goat’s milk balms and soaps made with simple, clean ingredients.

Meet Our Soap

Did you know?

Most commercial soaps on the market are actually synthetic detergents that don’t meet FDA’s definition of soap? You may see them hiding behind names like “hand wash,” “body wash,” “cleansing bar,” etc.

Our Soap is Soap

Fraga Farm’s soap is soap, through and through. We make it here on the farm using natural and organic ingredients, including from our farm. We approach soap-making just like we approach cheese-making—with a focus on quality, simplicity, and integrity.

Always & Never

Goat’s milk and organic oils ranging from olive to coconut to hemp seed form the basis of our soaps. We believe the cost of what we consume goes beyond what we pay for it. Therefore, we avoid ingredients such as palm oil—a popular natural soap ingredient—that may be cheap to use but harmful to the environment.

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Wool Meets Soap

In fall 2020, we welcomed a flock of sheep to our farm as refugees from nearby wildfires. Our sheep have become highly valued members of our farm—for rotational grazing on our pastures and, of course, for their luscious wool. We quickly began experimenting with felting projects, and one day, one of our WWOOFers suggested fusing our products by felting soap. It stuck! And now, we can’t imagine washing our hands any other way.

Why Felt Soap?

If felted soap is a new concept to you, let us awaken you to its superpowers: First, felted soap acts like soap and a (biodegradable!) wash cloth or loofah in one, meaning it cleans and scrubs at the same time. The wool has antimicrobial properties, exfoliates, is great at lathering, and makes the soap easier to grip. Plus, the wool helps preserve the longevity of the soap.

Soaps, Kits, Workshops, Oh My!

We’re thrilled to offer our unique, handmade felted soaps as well as kits to make your very own through our online store and at farmers’ markets. We recently hosted a felted soap-making workshop on the farm and are looking forward to more to come. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on upcoming workshops.

Our Never Ever List

Check out the “Never Ever ” list for details on all those things that are common in other cosmetic products but we that we don’t want in our farm products! 

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