A Year in the Life of a Goat

Winter is slower on the farm- the goats hang out in the barn and when it’s not raining go browse the winter pasture for nibbles. We supplement their hay portions with fresh-cut fir greens and make sure that the straw bedding in the barn is comfy. By January the goats are “showing” with the most pregnant goat ladies snoring loudly at night.

Early spring is kidding season our barn fills with kids and lambs.  Before any milk gets made into cheese, soap or balm it goes into kid and lamb tummies.

Every one of our milking does was raised right here in the barn and nursed by her mother.

Goats have long and stable family relationships.  When we check the barn at night we see mother, daughter, aunt, and grandmother all bedded together in the straw.  family they also have friendships and we are privileged to know a few “BFF” goat girls.

Goats co-parent. While each mother will only allow her own kid to nurse on her (adoptions are rare) they do take turns “kid sitting” – when the grass comes in.

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